Generative AI is a revolution and is evolving very rapidly. It is bringing about major changes in the creative and innovation processes.

Interfacing with other Artificial Intelligences

We also use other neural architectures, such as analytical AI, to couple them with generative AI to obtain original content.

IMKI hybridizes AIs, interfaces them and crosses them to generate new results.

This is how we are working on the generation of living audiovisual environments, crossing AI systems in Reinforcement Learning and GAN, in order to create interactive immersive spaces.



Our servers are hosted near our offices in state-of-the-art data centres, which are Co2 neutral.


The cornerstone of AI is its training.

The quality, quantity and qualification of training databases are fundamental. We create our own databases and host them in our own data centre. We have in-house staff dedicated solely to the creation of these databases. Our data scientists are supported by image specialists and scientific experts in the subjects they deal with.



Technology watch

Artificial intelligence is a strategic subject. A disruptive innovation, it is being strongly pushed by governments around the world and by GAFA.

We are constantly in touch with the latest research papers from international laboratories and thus guarantee an update of their latest advances.