We develop customized and highly personalized immersive experiences.
We are Legends is an immersive and interactive attraction in which the visitor becomes the hero thanks to the use of our generative artificial intelligence technology.

An immersive experience

Become heroes; become legends. A cinematographic immersion in which the visitor becomes the hero with a spectacular and playful scenography that adapts to your surface.

A world first!

An innovative digital technology for visitor integration using generative artificial intelligence.

An ultra personalized experience

Visitors are literally projected into all the films that make up the attraction. A unique experience to live with family, friends or colleagues!

Monumental projections in 4K

High-performance and high-quality equipment (giant screen, large format projections, 4K images).

Additional income

Additional income possibilities with the development of goodies and derivative products directly from the technology used.

A viral presence on social networks

Generating visitor engagement and shares on social networks as a direct result of the technology used.


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