Imki develops tailor-made generative artificial intelligences for new kinds of audiovisual and multimedia creation projects.

Our goal is to provide creative and cultural industries with new tools to develop innovative media and experiences for broadcast and events.

Imki develops these tailor-made artificial intelligences according to the demands and expectations of its clients, either by devising complete software solutions, such as autonomous content generators, or by integrating them into a production chain, such as for special effects in the cinema (Deepfake, lip sync, etc.).

We work on all types of image generation and modification systems : restoration, augmentation, extrapolation, generation.

Frédéric Rose, the founder, trained at the Beaux-Arts, gets to grips with artificial intelligence as a new medium. Following the example of the emergence of computer generated images or the revolution in digital photography, he considers AI as a tool to increase creative capacities tenfold, in the cultural and museum field.